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5.0m x 4.0m

To initiate the design process, please email the team with your site details and photos of the proposed location. This will enable us to assist in designing your custom Farmhouse. From our brochure, select your color palette and exterior cladding options.

Upon receiving these details, we will furnish you with a detailed order overview for your approval. Once approved, the design consultation will commence, marking the start of the design work for your production-ready Farmhouse.


The farmhouse model is our modern take on the classic farmhouse style, featuring a vaulted ceiling and open floor plan design. The exterior is finished in steel cladding with a full width sliding door and high ceilings that let in plenty of natural light, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Being a multi-use space, the possibilities are endless, allowing you to customise the interior fit-out to match your style and intended use (e.g., kitchenette, bathroom, guest house).

To help you create your dream space faster, we offer a premium selection of Farmhouse add-ons, including interior flooring, gyprock or plywood wall lining, insulation, custom internal walls, and much more design flexibility.


If you plan to use your Farmhouse as a guest house or divide it into multiple rooms, a flat ceiling is the most functional option. On the other hand, if you envision your Farmhouse as an open-plan space, a vaulted ceiling will maximise the internal height and add a touch of architectural interest to your design.

The increased ceiling height allows for better air circulation and natural light. Whether you're using the space for relaxation, work, or entertainment, the vaulted ceiling will enhance the atmosphere and add a touch of architectural interest.


Built with prefabricated Truecore steel frames, the pinnacle of steel quality, proudly manufactured in Sydney, Australia. Its exceptional resistance to termites and weather ensures enduring durability and protection against Australia's harsh weather conditions.


Approval requirements vary between each state (for instance, no more than 20 square metres for NSW). If you intend to use your Farmhouse as a habitable structure, you will likely need to obtain approval from your local council or a private certifier. We have an in-house architect and detailing team to assist you navigate the planning approval process, ensuring a smooth and efficient process from start to finish.


Customise the Farmhouse to suit your needs. Choose your entry point, window and door placements, and exterior cladding finishes to harmonise with your surroundings.

Select from a variety of sizes to suit your land area or desired space utilisation. Be mindful that the structure's peak height increases in proportion to its width.


Once your Farmhouse design is finalised and your order is placed in the production queue, we will provide your design with qualified local installers. The installation process is quick and efficient, taking days instead of months, minimising on-site construction time and allowing you to enjoy your new space sooner.

Delivers worldwide

Flexible delivery options from our factory directly to your site.

Purlin Floor System

Compatible with our lightweight high-strength Purlin Floor System.

Space for a multitude of uses.


Purlin Floor System

Build your Farmhouse on our lightweight, high-strength floor system. A superior and cost effective alternative to a concrete slab. Choose from a range of standard sizes or design your own floor system for your property.


Internal Package

Elevate the style and comfort of your Farmhouse with our Internal Package, offering a variety of flooring finishes, plywood or gyprock lining options, featuring high-quality Australian insulation for superior thermal performance in harsh weather conditions.

Premium Materials

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