Here's how it comes together.

Enjoy your brand new prefabricated space in as little as a month.

Configure Design

Start by making it yours. Select your preferred model and get in touch with us to discuss the specifics of your chosen layout.

Property Analysis

Our team remotely assess your site to determine the best manufacturing method for your site.

Pro tip: If you can fit a mattress through the side of your property, you'll be able to fit the flat-packed components needed to assemble your space.

Design Consultation

The fun begins. Collaborate with our detailers and review the preliminary drawings of your design. Make any final adjustments, whether it's relocating the sliding door to the wall or swapping the fixed window for an opening window. The options are endless.

Note: Up to three revisions are included for making any changes to the preliminary drawings.


We develop a set of detailed architectural plans and all supporting documents for council approval, simultaneously with production.

Assess any specific site requirements or regulations, including local bushfire and wind ratings.


Our skilled craftsmen prefabricate light-gauge steel panels in our Sydney factory, ensuring that every component of your space undergoes quality control before being finished, flat-packed and ready for dispatch.

We will notify you with good time to prepare your site for delivery and remove any obstructions in the way, ensuring a streamlined delivery process.

Schedule Delivery

If delivered flat-packed, your components will arrive on-site for assembly by a local qualified installer or as a DIY project. Alternatively, our complete units are craned on-site to your designated location.

Did you know? Our panelized system installs 70% faster than traditional construction.

Let's explore the possibilities.

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