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Key Features


Complete turnkey unit designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia.

Precision-engineered steel frame that's resistant to mould, rot and termites.

Cutting-edge materials and processes that aren't accessible to local builders.

Open space featuring tall ceilings, letting in plenty of natural light and ventilation.

Run a business, home office, or setup a place to work on your passion projects.

Featuring premium hybrid floors and a natural plywood interior décor.

Sustainable materials extend the longevity while minimising environmental impact.

Relocatable steel floor system, designed for easy installation on various terrains.


Plywood Décor

Premium hybrid floors and natural plywood interior décor, complemented with high-quality lining.

  • Plywood Interior Décor
  • Premium Hybrid Floors
  • High-quality Lining
  • Superior Thermal Performance

Order Summary

Estimated Delivery: 2-3 weeks


$22,990.00 $38,990.00


Need more space? Unwind instantly in your Studio, a turnkey haven designed for a multitude of uses. Forget the lengthy construction times, simply arrive and revel in uncompromising luxury. A robust steel frame structure and sleek facade stand resolute against Australia's harsh climate, while expansive sliders blur the lines between inside and out, inviting nature's embrace. Design your space within the open floor plan - a home office, a cozy nook, a vibrant space for friends or family - the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

  • Factory Assembled Turnkey Unit
  • 90mm Truecore Steel Frame Structure
  • Galvanised Steel Purlin Floor System
  • Aluminium Framed Sliding Door
  • Aluminium Framed Picture Window
  • Open Floor Plan Design
  • Signature Roof Pitch
  • Integrated Transport Beams

  • Colorbond Sanding Seam Facade
  • Composite Exterior Wall Cladding
  • Colorbond Steel Roof Panels
  • Architectural Flashing Trim
  • Composite Decking Space
  • Undercover Awning Overhang

  • Plywood Interior Décor
  • Premium Hybrid Floors
  • Sliding Door Key Lock

Furniture, electricity, plumbing and any on-site work on site is not included.*


We offer pick up nationwide or direct delivery service to anywhere in Australia.

Delivery is not included.*