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Eco Wood Groove Timber Ceiling Roof Indoor Outdoor Charcoal Cladding

$65.00 AUD

Key Features
  • UV stabilised to resist fading
  • Sustainable composite material
  • Decorative wall cladding, awning and fencing
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Hidden fixings for seamless appeal
  • Designed for Australia's harsh climate
  • No oiling, staining or sealing maintenance
  • Suitable for external and internal applications
  • Premium natural timber appearance
  • Delivers Australia-wide

Create the timber look, without the maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Eco Wood Cladding compare to traditional timber?

Eco Wood Cladding is less likely to rot, warp, crack or splinter. This is because they absorb less water than timber and are therefore less likely to suffer from damage caused by water e.g. mould and rot.

What are the benefits of using Eco Wood Cladding?

Eco Wood Cladding offers numerous benefits, including durability, low maintenance, resistance to rot and insects, and a wide range of colours and finishes.

How durable are Eco Wood Cladding?

Eco Wood Cladding is highly durable, withstanding weathering, fading, and impacts better than traditional timber.

How does Eco Wood Cladding perform in different weather conditions?

Eco Wood Cladding performs well in various weather conditions, maintaining their appearance and structural integrity over time.

What kind of maintenance or cleaning is involved with Eco Wood Cladding?

Warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid or sugar soap and a soft bristle brush is usually all you need to clean. This will take care of the vast majority of stains and watermarks.

Can I install Eco Wood Cladding straight onto a wall?

We recommend using good quality 10 gauge stainless steel screws when installing Eco Wood Cladding. Make sure to level and pre-drill before fastening your panels to the framing.